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    I used WordPress’s bbPress plugin to create this forum. It has no useful preview capability. This is not usually a problem, but it is if you are trying to enter math.

    The easiest solution is to submit the post. Since you might need to edit it, I suggest you add a line at the top until you are done:

    This topic/reply is a work in progress. Please wait for this message to disappear before replying.


    I have two tools for entering math. One allows you to type in laTeX math expressions, which are converted to displayable math formulas once you view a submitted topic—this is why a preview capability would be nice. This is the MathJax method.

    The other method is to use the fx symbol in the toolbar of the editor. This pops up a window that let’s you enter laTeX and gives you a live preview of your displayable formula. If you select “Copy to Document”, the formula is copied into the text, but as an image. This is the equation editor.

    MathJax allows you to edit the formula but has no live preview. The equation editor has a live preview, but if you need to edit the formula, you have to type in the whole thing again. What I do is use the equation editor to preview my formula, then I copy/paste the laTeX code and use MathJax to insert it into my text.

    To get MathJax to process laTeX, you need to surround the laTeX with \$\$ or \$. The double dollar signs indicates that you want “display mode”, in which the math appears centered on its own line. When you use a single dollar sign, the formula appears inline. If you want to use a dollar sign in your text, precede it with a slash (“\\”).

    Here is a simple laTeX formula for MathJax: \$\$A_1 = B_1\$\$. Here’s how it shows up: $$A_1 = B_1$$

    You can find information on using laTeX to write math formulas all over the web. Do a search. For the specific items supported by MathJax, see this page.


    I don’t host images. Instead, I use to host them for free. They provide a direct link that I can use to insert the image into my page (use Insert > Image from the toolbar). Apparently, there are other sites that do the same. Use whatever works.

    Intellectual Property

    Don’t post anything that you consider your intellectual property and want to keep secret.

    Don’t use other people’s intellectual property without permission. Specifically, don’t link to other people’s images without their permission; it’s OK to provide a link to the web page containing the image. Attribution is not permission.

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